Reducing Saturates by Seeding?

Talbot G., Slager H., Smith K.W., Reducing Saturates by Seeding? World of Food Ingredients, 2010, February, 64-65

Food manufacturers are being encouraged by governmental agencies like the UK’s Food Standards Agency to reformulate their products with lower levels of saturated fat. Across the developed world it is acknowledged that we consume far too much saturated fat and that we should be cutting intake by about 20% on average to a level of about 10-11% of dietary energy. If we assume that overall fat intake is about 35% of dietary energy this equates to an average saturated fat level of about 30% in the fat phase of foods. Clearly some foods, notably those based on liquid oils such as rapeseed oil and sunflower oil will contain less saturates than this, while others such as milk and meat fats will contain higher levels of saturates.