Temper – It’s not just about the fats

Talbot G., Smith K., Slager H., ‘t Zand I., Temper – it’s not just about the fats, Innovations in Food Technology, 2007, 39 (November), 22-23

It is often thought that the main factors in defining the whole process of tempering chocolate are the amount and type of fat present. Although these do play a major part in the process the other components in the chocolate sugar, cocoa powder, skimmed milk powder and lecithin also play a role, in some instances an unexpected role. This article on behalf of IOI-Loders Croklaan, of Womerveer, The Netherlands, explains. It concludes that far from being inert filler components in chocolate, the main non-fat components have surprisingly significant effects on both the amounts of solid fat present at temper and the viscosity of the chocolate at this stage.