Transforming Fillings

Talbot G., Slager H., Smith K.W., Transforming Fillings, Innovations in Food Technology, 2009, May

Fats used in confectionery and bakery fillings have a number of functions and attributes such as sensory characteristics, hardness, coolness and flavour release. The choice of filling fat can, therefore, be critical to the success in both functional and sensory terms of the product. This article from Geoff Talbot, The Fat Consultant, Kevin Smith, Unilever Research, and Hennie Slager, Loders Croklaan, of The Netherlands, points out that, however, just as important as these properties are, the whole issue of the nutritional characteristics of the filling fat has become critical. Solidity which provides hardness comes from saturated or trans fatty acids, but they increase the ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol. But replacing these fats by a non-hydrogenated equivalent results in much softer and generally unacceptable products. The article also considers fatty acid compositions and melting profiles as well as hardness. In summary it says that changing from a trans- containing, high-saturates filling fat to one that is trans-free and lower in saturates will require certain changes to be made to the processing of the filling.