Welcome to fat science consulting
Kevin W.Smith
Established by Kevin W. Smith; 38 years of experience of fats and oils.  

Welcome to Fat Science Consulting

Established in 2010 by Kevin W. Smith after 30 years of experience of fats and oils with Unilever Research, Fat Science Consulting can help with innovation, research, development and troubleshooting of fat-based products such as chocolate, margarine or ice cream. We can apply a fundamental understanding of fats to commercial situations in order to improve processing or create new products.

Whether the issue concerns elimination of trans fatty acids, reduction of saturated ones, fat crystallisation or structure, we can help. Have product or process problems with fat containing products? We can review recipes or process to identify potential issues. Need to develop new products or processes? We can help with designing the R&D programme. Want to improve the knowledge of staff in the area of fats? We can create a customised training course.





Fat Science Consulting

1994 & 2001 FiE Gold Award for Most Innovative Food Ingredient of the Year (With Loders Croklaan).


Chairman of the SCI Lipids Technical Interest Group.
Received SCI Distinguished Service Award 2018.


Euro Fed Lipid Board Member & Physical Properties Division co-chair.


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