Solvent fractionation of palm oil

Talbot G., Smith K.W., Cain F.W., Solvent fractionation of palm oil. INFORM – International News on Fats Oils and Related Materials, 2006, 17(5), 324-326

Manufacturers on both sides of the Atlantic are under increasing pressure to remove trans fatty acids and hydrogenated fats from their products. While there are a number of alternatives potentially available to them there is, nevertheless, usually a need for these alternatives to be able to provide structure and stability to the end product. That generally means having some solid fat present. If this solid fat cannot be produced by hydrogenation because the consumer has been ‘taught’ by the popular media to equate this on a label to the presence of trans fats, then oils naturally rich in solid triglycerides must be used. The most readily available of these oils is palm oil.